Location: Designed at Franklin High School, to be located at a tiny house village
Theme: Design and Build
Partner(s): LMN Architects, Mithun, Graphite Design Group, and Second Use Building Materials

Wunderbar Salvage House – Design

In our 2019 Franklin HS co-ed program, students emerged with a particular vision for their tiny home: to maximize use of reclaimed and unusual building materials, creating a low-impact, high-end dwelling on a shoestring budget. For the first time, our students have taken the reigns in budgeting and allocating funds for their project, and used resources like Second Use Building Materials to find clever solutions for their construction needs.
Thanks so much to our design mentors Clenel Williams of LMN Architects, Rebecca Chau from Graphite Design Group, and Zach Moshier from Mithun for steering this radical fall program. Sawhorse will build this project as soon as we are able to work in person once again.