Location: Seattle - Central District
Theme: Work Readiness
Partner(s): Wood Technology Center, Neil Kelly, Low Income Housing Institute, Dunn Lumber

Security Booth

In fall 2019, ten students brought loads of energy and thoughtful questions to the job site as they learned tool use and safety and construction essentials through the creation of a beautiful security kiosk, to be stationed in one of Seattle’s tiny house villages for people experiencing homelessness.

We are so grateful to lead builder Elliott Wolfe and our program partners from Neil Kelly Company, who sponsored our fantastic mentors Jason and Abbas on site, twice a week, for the past three months. Our in-school programs would not be possible without the generosity of firms like Neil Kelly and experienced local builders. At Sawhorse Revolution, we believe in experts and beginners, shoulder to shoulder, and we owe deep gratitude to our mentors and experts-in-training, Naim and Wes, who are currently attending Wood Technology Center, and shared their wisdom with our IA youth this year.