Location: Seattle
Theme: Adventure Builds
Partner(s): Nurturing Roots Farm, Seattle Housing Authority, Stephanie Onuaja, Choua Vang

Upcoming – Nurturing Roots Build

Designers Stephanie Onuaja and Choua Vang are working with Sawhorse Program Director Sam Schultz to draft out a large kitchen / outdoor shelter space for Nurturing Roots Farm. Founded in 2016, Nurturing Roots is a community farming program focused on providing affordable, sustainable alternatives to high-end grocery markets for families living in the community.

This project will be our pilot build for returning to small, outdoors, masked, and socially-distanced builds with students since returning to work after the pandemic shutdown.

This project is part of our all-women’s program suite. Sawhorse Revolution believes that trans women are women. Our all-women’s programs are inclusive of non-binary individuals who would like to join.

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