Location: Lincoln Park, West Seattle
Theme: Work Readiness
Partner(s): Thomas Dambo, Scan Design Foundation, Northwest Trolls - Way of the Bird King

Bruun Idun – Way of the Bird King [Thomas Dambo Build]

Sawhorse Revolution and Scan Design Foundation partnered with international artist of renown Thomas Dambo’s sculpture crew on building “Bruun Idun,” a fanciful, 16’ tall troll sculpture made of pallet wood. We spent two weeks building on the waterfront at Lincoln Park, watching salmon fisherman haul in pinks, playing games and beachcombing when there wasn’t troll “skin” to be installing.

Our six stellar students had the wonderful experience of building freeform – there was not a tape measure on site, and the tools of choice were jigsaws and drills. The screws were all sized in millimeters, and the wood we used was salvaged from buildings and pallets. Even the beautiful “troll hair” was put together with driftwood from the local beaches. The troll plays her song to the orcas on her flute in West Seattle.