Location: Seattle - Central District
Theme: Design and Build
Partner(s): Department of Neighborhoods, King County Parks & Recreation

Estelita’s Expansion [In Progress]

One of our longest-running community partnerships is back, with a new project underway at Estelita’s Library! Over the course of 2022, students and volunteers have made major headway on a second building for Estelita’s Library – a two-room unit to house a restroom and a serious amount of extra storage for books and other needs. We are thankful for Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods, and King County Parks and Recreation for helping drive this project.

Through rain or shine, the foundation was dug and poured, with a floor and ceiling in place and all four exterior walls up with window and door access cut in. Subcontractors from Wesnor Plumbing, Veritas Electrical, and Gardner Roofing have been in and out recently hooking up power and water for the expansion, and weather-proof the building to sit through the winter. We’ll get back to work next year on the interior drywall and tiling, exterior siding (donated by Reider Facades to match the original structure) and decking to connect to the original structure.