Location: Seattle - Central District
Theme: Work Readiness
Partner(s): Seattle Seahawks, MG2, Amazon, LMN Architects, WAGE, PACT, Schuchart/Dow, BNBuilders

Tom & Jerry Houses

In the largest series of builds we ran this summer, Sawhorse formally launched our Student Ambassador Program, an employer-partnered job readiness training program that engaged 10 of our top students in co-leading community and corporate groups through ten, day-long building projects. Our community partners in this project included KJ Wright of the Seattle Seahawks, Amazon, MG2, LMN Architects, and Seattle community members. This Student Ambassador Program was our first-ever pilot project to develop this student-led, employer-partnered job readiness training program.

The two houses built through the community builds, lovingly dubbed, “Tom and Jerry,” were designed slightly differently than many of our uniquely-designed tiny homes. These two were designed in collaboration with a local architect in order to create a simple-to-build tiny home, similar to the LIHI model. The exterior utilizes simple materials, like T1-11 and asphalt roofing, while the interior is a creation of LMN Architects’ shop crew. The prototype interior is entirely machine-made, created from high-quality plywood on a CNC router; the shop crew used this project to hone their skills, while the shelving and bed systems themselves, made of minimal amount of materials, are prototypes that could be mass-produced and placed in all of the Seattle tiny homes, providing residents customizable storage and sleeping areas.

Our volunteer groups brought energy and passion to the jobsite, including community members who came aboard for our Sack Lunch Build Day, and builders from Workers Advocating Gender Equity (WAGE) and Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Training (PACT), LMN, Schuchart/Dow, MG2 Architects, and BN Builders. We got a little celebrity treatment in July when Ali Samael and current and former Seahawks KJ Wright and Mike Morgan joined us for a weekend, raising walls and painting panels like the champions they are. A hard-working team from Amazon helped us install the finishing touches, alongside Program Manager Sam Schultz and her [email protected]$$ mom Karen, who generously joined us for an almost 12 hour day. Hard to believe all that can be accomplished with dedicated community members and a whole lotta snacks.