Location: Seattle - Central District
Theme: Learning Lab
Partner(s): Wood Technology Center, AIA Diversity Roundtable

Resilient Environments Lab [In Progress]

Our Resilient Environments Laboratory or “RELAB” creates a safe and open space for youth to learn, talk, and “think big” about shelter, health, and community as pertains to our houslessness crisis in King County. We got to better understand the “state of the union” in King County, from statistics and legislation,  to the question of “how are folks poor.”

Along with mentors from AIA Diversity Roundtable (shout out to Crystal DayBreanne TaylorMargaret Knight, and Rio Namiki), PBW Architects’ David Burns, and Bradford Gerber of the Low Income Housing Institute, we explored our local shelter system and how folks access it, as well as how community is formed in unsheltered populations, and discussed the largest health impacts that disproportionately effect our unhoused population. We hosted visiting speakers from REACH Outreach and Case Management, and held a class focused on health with a visiting Street Medicine Professional. We even took a tour of a tiny house village to understand best transitional housing options and site-plan design in forming a community.

We are so proud of our students from Interagency AcademyNOVA, and Rainier Beach Skills Center for joining us in exploring this sensitive and personal topic. RELAB will reconvene in 2023 to finalize a design and build their project.