Location: Seattle - Central District
Theme: Work Readiness
Partner(s): LMN Architects, Dowbuilt, Gaspar's Construction, Seattle Art Museum

Simon & Garfunkel Houses

Led by Sawhorse Student Ambassadors, our team of radical builders worked throughout summer 2019 on “Simon and Garfunkel,” a pair of mirror-image tiny homes to benefit Seattle’s homeless population. Students that have gone through past programs with Sawhorse applied for this paid leadership program, in which they build the confidence to act as site superintendents, teaching safety and tool skills and delegating tasks to a rotating cast of community members.

They even got the chance to lead a group of peers, when the awesome team Seattle Art Museum’s “Design Your Hood” program came by for a build! Big thanks to all the groups that provided professional build mentors and folks new to construction, keeping this awesome network of community members hard at work to serve our neighborhoods!