Location: New Holly, Seattle, WA
Theme: Work Readiness
Partner(s): Seattle Housing Authority Rainier Vista, Olson Kundig

SHA Shaffer Park Design

We are so happy to be partnering with youth from Seattle Housing Authority’s (SHA) New Holly neighborhood once again, this time working to spruce up Shaffer Park.  This program is unique in its structure – with students from the immediately surrounding neighborhood designing and building projects for the parks and communal spaces they pass by every day. The fall ’22 term also surprised us with the largest ever cohort for a design phase!

Mentors from Olson Kundig returned this fall to guide the process and volunteer their design expertise – shout out to Collin Palen, Beth Nowicke, and Ian Edwards for your dedicated mentorship, even in a season of intense work deadlines – as well as Ming Yuan for the awesome tour of the Olson Kundig, graciously hosting our design retreat.

We hosted a community meeting to welcome input from the neighborhood, and through that, established a few priorities: gathering space and seating near the Shaffer Park basketball court. Our design as of now is a functional piece of public art, with lots of color, seating, and surfaces for eating, reading, or playing games.

Big thanks to Ariel Davis for being our student liaison and connecting us with so many youth, along with Ms. Michelle for her involvement with the community input night, and Phu-Tai for his day-to-day involvement with the students.