Marcus Henderson

Program Coordinator

Marcus Henderson graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Energy Resources Engineering but quickly pivoted into working on developing the skills needed to develop low-energy intentional agrarian communities outside of the current capitalist paradigm. This search for intentional ways of living led Marcus to Moab, UT where they worked with Community Rebuilds as an intern and then apprentice to learn about natural building and low-income housing development. Outside of Sawhorse, Marcus also works on urban farming projects and building community equity around food. (they/he)

Erin Ingle

Development Director

Erin Ingle is a homegrown Pacific North-Westerner committed to social engagement and environmental stewardship. After years as a friend and fan of Sawhorse Revolution, she now has a place on the team. She specializes in fundraising through collaborations with local industry leaders and passionate individuals, through events, online campaigns, and personal relationships. Outside of Sawhorse, she tries to change the world with laughter as a nationally touring stand-up comedian. (she/her)

Alyssa Marsh

Finance and Operations Manager

Alyssa Marsh comes to Sawhorse with her roots set in Seattle’s Central District along with her family. Her passion for designing and building stems from years of work in the world of architecture, coming most recently from LMN Architects in Seattle, WA. This is matched, at least, with a passion for social justice, equitable opportunities for all, giving back to the community, and—coming from a family of teachers—education. Naturally, Alyssa found herself a home with Sawhorse to bring her technical and community engagement skills to a team committed to positive change and innovative ways of thinking and creating. Time spent outside Sawhorse consists of such interests as nature-bathing, yoga & meditation, mothering of three, natural & herbal medicines and supplements, and being a big sports fan. (she/her)

Kim Retherford

Program Director

Kim Retherford graduated from The Evergreen State College with a BA in Sculpture. She then spent time on the east coast as a volunteer mount maker for the Smithsonian Institution, before returning to the PNW in 2014. After working for a local architectural salvage company, she attended Seattle Central’s Wood Technology Center and worked as a full-time residential carpenter and Sawhorse volunteer since 2018, joining as a staff member in 2023. She is passionate about sustainability, green building practices and empowering the next generation in the trades. (she/her)

Sam Schultz

Design Director

Sam Schultz graduated with a Masters in Architecture from North Dakota State University and worked professionally as a designer on community development and rural healthcare projects for Native American reservations across the Midwest. She spent her free time entertaining a love for building and sawdust by flipping her own home and volunteering across the US and abroad on design-build projects for communities in need. She left the design world for an carpentry job where she framed houses and drafted permitting plans with a small construction crew in Minnesota. Managing programs for Sawhorse Revolution over the past year and a half has been the perfect blending of her design and construction skills with her passions for hands-on education and humanitarian aid. (she/her)

Albert Smalls

Program Coordinator

Albert Smalls grew up in Seattle's central district and is a graduate of UW's Earth and Space Sciences department. He started his woodworking journey at the Wood Technology Center in 2019 and worked as a shipwright at a local shipyard while in school. His first volunteer project was the garden shed at Danny Woo where he fell in love with Sawhorse's approach to meeting the needs of students and is delighted to build community with Sawhorse full time. Albert is an avid sailor and bicyclist, and is cultivating his inner mad scientist through 3d printing and soldering. (he/him)

Sarah Smith

Executive Director

Sarah Smith is an educator, jill-of-many-trades, and co-founder of Sawhorse Revolution. She received a BA in English Literature from the University of Puget Sound, graduated in 2008, and promptly realized the importance of hands-on skills training. Since then, she has been working to develop experiential learning programs for youth. Smith received a Masters in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2012, and has been working at Sawhorse since graduating. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading, and time with friends and family. (she/her)

Elliott Wolfe

Build Coordinator

Elliott is a third-generation builder in South Seattle with two decades of construction experience. He began working as a house framer at the age of 15, has a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from the University of Washington, and owned a construction firm, E.M. Wolfe Construction LLC. He started with Sawhorse as a volunteer in 2015 and is looking forward to teaching the next generation. Elliott also serves on the Board of Directors of the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation and knows American Sign Language. (he/him)