Our students collaborate to create and design ideas from giant tree forts to tiny homes for the homeless. Dreamers must also be designers.


We pair students with experienced architects and builders, and give them the tools and training they need to bring their ideas to life.

Change the world:

Students leave with the ability to build stronger, better communities. That’s our main goal, and why we work with students from every background.

Every time you work to bring an idea into reality, you end up learning more than you could’ve imagined.
Build, and you problem solve with math and physics, develop new physical skills, and collaborate with a team.
Discover the many
Benefits of building
Design for others and you learn to ask questions, appreciate new ideas, and put yourself in someone else’s shoes.
See what our students
have already dreamed up

Sadly, finding such engaging projects is increasingly tough for teens, as shop classes dwindle in number...
Learn more about the
death of shopclass

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Sawhorse Revolution addresses this growing need by making community-oriented building and design projects accessible to youth of all walks of life.
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Join the revolution! With your help we can build a more connected world.