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Mentorship is the cornerstone of a Sawhorse program – the best volunteers we have can really connect with our students, working with them to explore questions of leadership, creativity, and teamwork. We like to work with folks from all walks of life, but especially appreciate those with past educational experience. For our in-city programs, mentors can expect to commit to 8-10 after school builds (usually 3-7 pm), once a week, over the course of 2-3 months.

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Sawhorse builders bring the expertise necessary to plan and complete a structure while teaching students the basics of carpentry and construction. To take a “Lead Builder” role, we seek experienced and collaborative individuals prepared to help Sawhorse staff and volunteers plan projects and host introductory building programs. Many skilled volunteers donate their time to Sawhorse, while occasional opportunities enable contract-based instructional positions. Builders can expect to work the normal program hours, plus an extra commitment for planning and organizing with Sawhorse program directors and volunteers. If you’re interested in building with Sawhorse, please send an e-mail with your experience and a short bio to [email protected].



Our projects almost always feature unique design, something that gives our students the experience of working on something special. Designers from Olson Kundig and others have lead Sawhorse students through their first full client-centered design processes; while other contribute full designs for student groups to build in programs. Lead Designers involved in programs can expect to work normal program hours, plus additional time for planning and meeting with Sawhorse staff & volunteers


How to Get Involved?

Community Builds

If you’re interested in getting involved with Sawhorse, your first stop is our all-ages Community Build, a carpentry event that is hosted in Seattle’s Central District once a month. This one-day weekend “work party” will feature professional builders, Sawhorse staff and volunteers, and members of our larger community working on amazing structures and getting demos of important tools and carpentry skills. It’s a great way to get started with Sawhorse – sign-up for our newsletter to hear about all of our upcoming events.


Applying to Volunteer

Experienced volunteers with a substantial amount of education, carpentry, or design experience and an interest in Sawhorse programs should get in touch with us. However, it is helpful to have a diverse group of counselors on any given program, and anyone may apply to volunteer. We accept applications year round. Volunteers are accepted periodically during the year, typically in late summer and late winter, in preparation for program season.

For more frequent building opportunities, please join our Community Builds, above.
To apply, write to [email protected] with a resume / list of relevant experience and a statement of interest and availability. Someone from Sawhorse Revolution will be in touch for an interview. We have more applications to volunteer than we have spots available, so there is a waiting list, and all volunteers are subject to background checks.